Solar Panels And Climate Change

Installer screwing solar panels

Climate change has been an ongoing problem for years now, but solar panels could be the solution. There are many climate change sceptics out there, trying to disavow the idea of climate change, and what we can do differently. But the question really is: Can solar panels help to reduce climate change?

Solar power is great for both homeowners and the planet. This is because it is a renewable source of energy – otherwise know as ‘green energy’ – that we can take from the sun.

Climate Change

Climate change is the process of altering a climate (either a smaller area or the planet as a whole), causing unexpected bouts of weather that may affect people’s lifestyles or the environment.

The burning of fossil fuels is the largest culprit in climate change. The fuels, such as oil and coal, are non-renewable sources of energy, and release harmful ‘greenhouse gasses’ when burned. ‘Greenhouse gasses’ are notorious for damaging the ozone layer, and they cause a rise in the overall temperature of the atmosphere. This has caused natural tragedies, such as the melting of the ice caps.

How To Stop Climate Change

One great way of reduce climate change is to make the switch over to renewable, green energy. The most accessible of these energy sources is solar power.

By installing solar PV panels, you can do your part to help the environment. You can simultaneously reduce the amount you rely on the National Grid, and help to reduce your energy bills.

Solar Panel installation
Installing solar photovoltaic panel system. Solar panel technician installing solar panels on roof. Alternative energy ecological concept.

Enough solar energy arrives at the Earth in two hours to power the whole of humanity for a year. Using solar PV panels can help you to help the planet, and help humanity advance towards a cleaner, greener planet.

What Can Solar Panels Do For You?

There are many benefits to solar panels, despite the environmental ones, that affect you directly.

For one, they are one of the most deployable sources of energy. This means that it does not take long for you to start generating power with solar. All you have to do is install them, and they are ready to go.

Another benefit is, regardless of common misconception, that they do not need direct sunlight to work. As long as there is daylight, the panels will work. They are likely to generate more energy when its sunny, but they are not useless when it’s not.

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