Biomass Boilers

Green Heat Specialists

Think Renewable Energy specialise in providing our commercial clients with renewable heating solutions by installing biomass boiler heating systems. These systems generate low carbon heat and save our clients between 30-50% on current oil or LPG heating costs. Excellent savings will still be achieved if the current system runs on mains gas.

Our in house team have extensive experience in providing biomass heating to a wide array of commercial customers and have managed numerous projects in agriculture, the public sector, manufacturing industry and public services sectors.

With over 50 years of construction experience along with 27 years of combined renewables expertise, we have built strong relationships with key industry leading manufacturers.

Biomass Boiler

While we offer the most cost-effective way of generating heat for businesses and commercial applications with our biomass boiler scheme, we also provide businesses that have the capital required the opportunity to buy the boilers outright.

Biomass boiler heating technology has been around for far longer than people think. Froling have been at the forefront of biomass boiler technology for over 50 years. Their current systems have evolved over this time to be among the most efficient and reliable boilers on the market.For more information on our biomass boiler scheme contact us today!