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Our expertise lies in our extensive experience of renewable energy project management. We design solutions for anyone wanting to offset rising fuel bills, supporting the growth of clean energy technology and wishing to earn revenue from energy produced. Our projects create new income streams for our clients and their businesses and contribute to greater energy security for future generations.

Think Renewable Energy is part of the Ogden Energy Group founded by entrepreneur and businessman John Ogden, in partnership with Chris Paddey. With over 50 years experience in project management, we are here to help organisations and landowners utilise clean energy technology to generate electricity, heat and revenue, whilst helping to protect the environment.

Think Renewable Energy offers Solar Power, Biomass Boilers, LED Lighting as well as air-to-water and ground-to-water source heat pumps. For in-depth information visit our blog or call our dedicated team on 0844 225 9999.

Think Renewables, the UK’s leading experts in commercial Biomass, Solar PV and renewable energy solutions. Speak with one of our renewable energy consultants today and find out how we could help with your commercial renewable requirement.